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 Products Introduction


System Build Guide

 We as a Company aim not to dictate to clients what they should buy but as a better solution we endeavor to work with clients to select what is best for them based on their needs now and what they envisage they might need in the future

Personal & Business Computing

The boundaries between Business and Personal Use PC's are blurred and depend on what the Individual or Business require and want from their machines - in this section we have some examples which can act as a starting point for Business and Individuals alike.

Prices range from £380 - £5999


Gaming Computers

 Computers for Gaming for all tastes and budgets from Machines for the Beginner/Novice to Specialist Machines designed so that the gaming aficionado can experience and get the most from his/her machine.

Prices range from £640 - £5999


Notebooks, Netbooks and Tablets

 A selection of Notebooks (formally known as Laptops) Netbooks (11.5" screen size down) and Tablets


Second Hand Desktops & Notebooks


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